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When it comes to shopping, many individuals may wonder if it is better to shop through a large retail store or through a specialized type of type of retail store such as a boutique. When choosing which route is best, it is important to understand the overall differences between a larger, well know retail store and a boutique.


Business Size. The largest and most distinctive difference between a large retail store and a boutique is the size of the store. Boutiques are relatively smaller and commonly will occupy smaller areas throughout a mall or plaza. They are also more popular to shop online.

Level of Inventory. Boutiques are often characterized as having a smaller inventory to choose from. Many large retail stores have a wide variety to choose from while boutiques specialize in a limited number of product categories. Boutiques also offer more variety of style for a specific product while large retailers offer multiples of the same product.

Passion. Company owners, managers, and employees often have a passion for the product or retailer they are working for, however, a boutique is a store that is often based off of a founder’s passions. A boutique founder will order specialized products and uses the boutique to convert his or her passion into a profitable business, while a larger retailer is often started by someone who wants to go into business to pursue entrepreneurial success.

Customer Service. While good customer service is expected with any place, boutiques may offer an exceptional quality of service. Small boutiques allow an individual to build a relationship with the employee as there is not as much hustle and bustle.

Products. Both large retail and boutiques offer a variety of products. Boutiques, however, have items that are selected by the store owner specifically rather than the more commonly found items among multiple stores. By being hand selected, each item in a boutique is unique, offering one of a kind styles and gifts.

Whether you choose to shop in a large retail store or a small boutique, shopping for unique gifts, trendy clothing or colorful accessories can be an enjoyable experience for anyone. Get started today by seeking out local and well-known stores or click here for more info for an online boutique shopping experience.