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The first thing a person notices when meeting someone new is their face. For this reason, every woman should choose her earrings carefully to ensure they flatter her and add to her overall appearance. Face shape plays a role in which earrings should be selected. Following are some guidelines to keep in mind when you go to make your next jewelry purchase.


A woman with an oval-shaped face is in luck. She can wear almost any pair of earrings with ease. However, choose studs or earrings that are triangular to truly show off the cheekbones. Try a wide range of styles to find the ones you love and wear them often, as earrings can dress up any outfit.

A Round Face

Ladies often wish to detract from the round appearance of their face, and earrings can help achieve this goal. Look for long earrings that dangle to make the face appear longer and thinner. Large, circular earrings should be avoided, however, as they emphasize the shape of the face, and the same is true of button studs.

A Long, Narrow Face

Women with a long narrow face will want to avoid any earrings that are long and dangly or small hoops. Instead, select earrings that are round and clusters. Doing so helps to make the face appear rounder than it truly is.


A square face often has sharp angles that need to be softened, and the right earrings can help. Choose earrings with an oval shape or ones that are long and round. Never wear square earrings, as they will only emphasize the shape of the face.


Individuals with a heart-shaped face or one that is widest at the forehead and narrows until it reaches the chin will need to take care when selecting earrings. Select pairs that increase in size from the top to the bottom, such as triangular-shaped earrings. This helps to fill in the open space left by the narrow chin so the face looks more proportional.

To learn more about choosing the right pair of earrings, click here. The wearer’s bone structure should likewise be taken into consideration along with her lifestyle. By trying multiple pairs, you can find ones that you love and that truly make you look and feel better. These guidelines are of great help in achieving this goal.