Dresses Remain a Hot Item This Spring

Women the world over love to put on a dress. It makes them feel feminine and this clothing tends to be lightweight and carefree. When shopping for dresses this spring, women will find certain looks again and again. What will be popular this season?


Look for dresses that have crocheted accents or ones that come with fringing. Colors that mimic those made by the sun as it descends from the sky will be very common this year as will those commonly observed in the desert. Scarf dresses are hot this spring, as are geometrical prints that clash. With so many choices, every woman should easily be able to find one or more dresses she loves.


Designers recognize women have a lot of items they wish to carry with them. However, there are times when it isn’t convenient to carry a purse or bag. To accommodate for this, dresses this spring will often be not only flirty but also functional. Patch pockets will be seen with many articles of clothing, and a dress may even come with a tool belt as part of the outfit. Once women see how easy it is to get things done with these dresses, they’ll likely want more than one.

90s Fashions

Remember in the early 1990s when every television show had an opening with characters dressed in bold colors with graphic designs. This trend is coming back once again, although it has been updated for the spring. Oversized tops and light wash denim go well together, so consider purchasing a light wash oversized jean jacket to top off a favorite dress. It’s a great look that others will want to copy, as the items work so well together.

Be sure to try on multiple dresses to find the style or styles that you love best. With so many items to choose from, finding an outfit you love shouldn’t be difficult. Complement this dress with a pair of square toe shoes, throw on some accessories with feathers, and others will admire your fashion sense. With the help of the right retailer, obtaining new outfits for spring won’t be hard. Start shopping today.