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Signs Which Indicate You Are Suffering from Burnout

Burnout is a mental and physical condition which is caused by long-term stress in the workplace. Research shows that burnout results in depression which is very dangerous to an individual. Some of the careers which have higher rates of burnout are nurses, doctors, social workers, and policemen. It is also evident that occupational burnout rate is not reducing but going up. Many employees don’t realize that they are dealing with burnout and this leads to more severe health problems. Some cases of mental illnesses and heart diseases are caused by burnout. Below are the common signs and symptoms of these severe conditions.

The most common symptom of burnout is exhaustion of the body. Employees who are suffering from burnout find challenges in keeping their eyes open despite having enough sleep. An employee who is yawning a lot in the job place may be suffering from exhaustion. Some employees suffering from burnout take some coffee and tea and some go outside to breathe some clean air, but these do not help significantly.

Feeling frustrated and short tempered is also another sign of burnout. An employee who is suffering from burnout hates his/her job although initially he/she was very active. Long-term frustration indicates that exhaustion is becoming severe. The employees who are suffering from burnout are hot-tempered.

People who are suffering from burnout have reduced motivation. Burnout causes a high performing employee to become poor. Occupational burnout may also ruin your relationship with your fellow employees since you will spend most of the time on your own.

Poor job performance also shows that you are suffering from adverse burnout. If you start getting to job late and going home earlier, you may be suffering from burnout. If your boss discovers that your performance has reduced, you need to find a solution to the burnout.

The other common sign and symptom of burnout is cognitive inability. If you notice you are confused, and your mind has become poor, you may be suffering from burnout. If you also find that the simple responsibilities have become challenging, you may have fallen into the burnout hole. If you are having cognitive problems at the workplace, you are supposed to find a solution before you are fired.

Employees suffering from burnout have poor health. Researchers have found that workers suffering from burnout have reduced appetite and easily contract illnesses. When burnout leads to low appetite, an employee will catch diseases with ease.

The last common sign of burnout is the obsession with work. If you notice you can’t keep your mind away from work, you may be suffering from burnout.

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