This kind of jewelry suits certain costumes. Jewelers made jewelry with glass and inexpensive materials. This jewelry is not expensive and gives others the chance to buy it. This kind of jewelry came into existence in the 20th century with the middle class looking out for fashion jewelry to look beautiful.If one is low on cash then mineral oil can also be used to clean the leather which is an active ingredient in all leather cleaners. However it is advisable that you test the mineral oil on that part of your shoe which doesn’t show much. To maintain that shine in your leather shoes it is a good idea to use a soft cloth with white vinegar to polish the shoes.Luckily, men’s fashion does not change as fast as women fashion does. Thus, investing in some good clothing this winter would be wise as it could be reused the next time. There are a variety of winter clothing’s. The layers of warm clothes draped around the body during winter covers the physic of a man.