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Fashion, by its very nature, is always changing, and it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest trends. Fortunately, trends tend to cycle, so it’s worth hanging on to old favorites that can be re-purposed. This is especially true when it comes to jewelry. Many jewelry fashions are timeless, and new trends can often incorporate older pieces. The following are some current trends in fashion jewelry.

Layered Necklaces

For a while, large statement pieces were the dominant trend, but nowadays, layers of necklaces are very popular. Thin metal chains in different lengths can drape the throat and upper chest to create a delicately beautiful look. Adding necklaces with beads, pendants, or gemstones can provide a pop of color to complement an outfit or a woman’s skin tones. The key to layering necklaces is to vary the lengths of the chains and the materials in the jewelry.

Lariats And Y-Necklaces

Another popular trend at the moment is the lariat necklace or y-necklace. First popular in the 90s, this look has come back in style, especially when layered with several shorter chains. A lariat is a long strand that can be looped around the wearer’s neck with the ends hanging loose, almost like a scarf, or fastened with a loop so that one end of the chain hangs down in the middle. A y-necklace, sometimes called a drop necklace, is similar in that it ends in a long hanging pendant.

Baguette Rings

Named for the oblong loaf of French bread, baguette rings feature rectangular step-cut gemstones. Most people think of diamonds when they hear “baguette ring,” but the term can be applied to any gemstone ring with oblong gems. Fashion rings with colored crystals can be paired with solid bands or other colors for an eye-catching look that adds a sparkle and shine to any outfit.

To get the best in fashion jewelry, look for metals that have some form of tarnish protection. This will guarantee that the metal will stay bright and beautiful without a lot of effort on the wearer’s part. However, bear in mind that fashion jewelry needs to be cleaned regularly and protected from damage. To learn more about the latest fashions in jewelry, visit this website.